Communism in Poland

Communism is a distinct socio-political philosophy that is willing to use violent means to attain its goal of a classless society. Communism in Poland appeared from 1945 to 1989, after the Second World War. Members of the Soviet Communism imposed the general principles for the Polish, when they were defenseless. Polish life's was very difficult.

This is what my grandmother says about life during communism period:

Communists took over power by issuing decrees. They abolitied of Private Property and abolition of rights of inheritance. The Communists were opposed to the profession of faith in God. They decided about the state border, established a communist constitutions, agreed payment of taxes and they punished rebelling community. Polish money wasn't used, because it was replaced by U.S. Dollars. Russian language was an offical language and it was introduced to schools. All the students had to learn about Russia. A lot of houses were fired. A lot of Polish men were taken forcibly to the army. Names of streets and cities were changed. Polish property was robbed. This time was terrible.

Communism could be known by forcing Polish for different things and imposing rights on them.

Communism was abloished by the Polish political event called Round Table. There were conversations of three groups fighting against communism - Solidarity, the Polish opposition and church folk. These deliberations and joint action led to the collapse of communism. Polish began to be free and independent. Today every person had rights and obligations. There is more justice. Now we can profess any faith and people live in peace and happiness.
By: Agnieszka Bednarz
Zespol Szkol Gimnazjum i SP nr 13, Zawiercie, Poland


Communism started in Poland in 1944. It was after the Second World War when the Russian army was going to Poland and took all of the territory.
Russian government wanted to control all our country. It was very difficult time for Polish people, but not only for them. ZSRR's army took control in the another countries, too. At the beginning, the situation wasn't so hard but later, things got worse. It was the time when our parents WERE teenagers so they really well know about this time. In shops there weren't so many things. People was had special peaces of paper which allowed them to buy a little meat or butter. They couldn't buy what they wanted. All the products were limited that's why people had to queue to get something from the shop. Sometimes they got up at 3 or 4 at night to be at the beginning of a queue to the shop which was opened at 7 or 8. People spent a lot of their time queuing. People couldn't move like we can now. They had to have a special document from authorities. What is more, on TV, in newspapers there weren't all information from the world or from our country because the government allowed to issue only selected items and kept secret of the most important news. In this way, it did not want to lose control of the people.
Ola Nowak

Communism by Daniel Zwolinski
Radical, leftist communism- ideological system, being a variety of the socialism, negating the private property of especially means of production, based on the idea of the class struggle, being supposed to lead for achieving the social justice by creating society devoid of internal economic divisions and ethnic. The system of the realistic socialism was formed exclusively in states, in which communist parties won the power. It was characterized by a dominance of the party in all spheres of the public life.


Communism in Poland by Karolina
Communism began in Poland in 1945 after the II World War. Soviet Relationship seizured power over Poland. Life in Poland was very difficult and heavy. In 1980s people bought food for special pieces of papers. There were long meters queues to buy something in the shops. People were intimidated and they couldn’t go out from houses after 22. Different politicians performed authority in Poland : Gierek, Gomułka, Bierut and Jaruzelski. Wojciech Jaruzelski in 1981 introduced War State. People lived in this structure for many years but they began to rebell. In 1980 'Solidarnosc' led by Lech Walesa (He got the Nobel Prize in politics) came into being. On 18th December 1988 there was a huge movement in Poland, which stopped the communism. Workers and politicians signed an agreement. On 27th October 1991 there was the first free parliamentary election. Tadeusz Mazowiecki won and he was a prime minister of no communist government. At present we have a paradise in Poland in comparison with those times. Nowadays people have got everything but they do not appreciate this.
Karolina Barglik

In 1947, Karl Marx founded the League of Communists, although the first communist party - the Bolshevik party (the one that ruled in Russia, communist) was only decades later - in 1903. At the same time reject of communism in western Europe shaped the concepts of freedom, rights and democracy, demonstrating their class circumstances.

Youth worked in academic circles and among the workers. With regard to the environment of the working people, the task of youth did not deviate too much from what they did their colleagues (supporting the protests and strikes, underground newspapers and other publications. However, the students were in a slightly better position with the autonomy of universities.
Disadvantages of communism were empty shelves. There were limited numbers of goods such as carpets, televisions or fuel. Advantages of communism: people had more money and there was more work places than nowadays.
An interview with my grandmother who lived under communism:
1.Did people have money?
-People had money, but there was no products to buy. People had to queue to buy products. Food and other goods were bought for special cards and everything was limited.
2. How was life like?
-People could work wherever they wanted, because the was a lot of jobs.
3.Could you leave Poland?
- Unfortunately not. It was very difficult to go abroad or come to Poland. Only countries that were part of the Eastern bloc could move to their countries. It was not possible to go abroad on holiday as today.
4.Who overthrew communism?
-This is a difficult question, but as a symbol of the overthrow of communism is regarded union “Solidarność” led by Lech Walesa.
By Klaudia Kotlarz

Hard times by Michal Jurczyk
Communism was in Poland for 44 years. Shelves in shops were empty. People could buy only food like potatos or bread. People didn't eat chocolate, tropical fruit and sweets. People ate meat very rarely. People used special tickets to buy meat. Pepole stood in queues to shops. People stood in a queue for about 4 hours to buy meat. People didn't have cars, but they travelled by trains and buses. Now, we haven't got tickets to buy food. We can buy everything. We don't stay in queues to shops. People have cars.