Main topic Cinema

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Lead article

survey results inc.
  • cost of a visit
  • frequency of visit
  • favourite genre
  • popularity of cinema in each country
  • places where there are more cinemas in island, country
  • most popular films in the last year
  • factors that influence young people's visit to the cinema to see a particular film
  • What is the distance to the nearest cinema to your home?
  • What annoys you most during a cinema visit?
  • Who do you prefer to go to the cinema with?
  • Do you borrow DVDs?
  • Do you eat or drink at the cinema?
  • Do you go to sport matches more often than you go to the cinema?

Other cinema items==
  • 4 short reviews of the same film
  • favourite actor /actress (one from each country)
  • photos of our local cinema
  • The cinema in the past and nowdays in your country. differences and similarities.Photos.

Further items

  • A section to explain what the newsletter is and its purpose
  • introducing our editing team and our school
  • a joke from each country
  • one short interesting (not too serious) news item from each country
  • one European common topic
  • an article promoting eTwinning (sth about our previous projects, good points of such programme in Europe)

Event or events at the four schools

It would be good to organize an event or a few events connected with the topic of cinema in our schools (for example: projection of British film in the German, Polish and Spanish schools, projection of Polish film in the British, German and Spanish schools, etc. , we may also think about a more challenging event...)

e.g. 'Together in Europe'; ' Creating the world together'; ' 'News from Europe'; "Our news - reliable and up-to-date' other ideas are welcomed. I like the 3rd option.
I would suggest that the newspaper title is just one word maybe with Inter- as part of the title