There are very many sporting idioms in English. The Americans have many from baseball, the British have many from cricket. Others come from swimming, football, running, sailing and other sports. See if you can match up the idiom with its meaning.

Answers below
1.Let's get the ball rolling
a) I had to to start without any training/preparation
2. They moved the goal posts after we started
b) We should begin
3. Give it your best shot
c) You are not acting fairly
4. I was totally bowled over by the performance (cricket)
d) You are taking big risks
5. We are in the homestretch (from a running race)
e) I am doing something for which I am not trained, prepared
6. I was thrown in at the deep end
f) Try your hardest
7. You are slow off the mark
g) The rest was easy
8. You are skating on thin ice
h) I was surprised and did not know what to do next
9. I am sorry but that is not cricket
i) You are slow to begin
10. His news took the wind out of my sails
j) The end is in sight; we are nearly finished
11. I am totally out of my depth
k) The rules of the game/process were changed
12. It is plain sailing after that
l) I was astonished


1b, 2k, 3f, 4l , 5j, 6a, 7i, 8d, 9c, 10h, 11e, 12g