Poland and Italy opposed to EU’s global warming agreement.

At the EU Summit, which started Wednesday, Poland and Italy stated their opposition to a rapid implementation of emissions reduction regulations in the EU.
Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski said that Poland would veto a EU declaration on climate change if it would require a commitment to each a deal in December. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi questioned the guidelines of the 2007 EU agreement on limiting emission of carbon dioxide, which granted each country a target based on its CO2 output in 2007. Poland is opposed to this procedure because it fears it will hamper economic growth.
Berlusconi also questioned the sense of EU guidelines if the global warming agreement is not global one and countries like the U.S. and China will not participate.
Katarzyna Pietrzyk
ZS Gimnazjum i SP nr 13, Poland


When we go for a walk through the streets and forests we notice at once how dirty they are. People drop litters, scraps of paper, cans, bottles almost everywhere. What can do schools for the environment? We can try to be „environmentally friendly” in our everyday life. One thing students can do for the environment is to buy ecologically safe products, return bottles and cans to a store or put them into specially designed containers. As school, we can also try to „clean” our planet. Students can go to the forest, pick up all the rubbish thrown away by people. They can also plant more new trees.
Not only schools and their students but all the society should bear in mind that the slightest effort to reduce litter is meaningful.
by Marcin

ZS Gimnazjum i SP nr 13, Zawiercie

Our school is environmently-aware
We take care about environment in our school. We take part in, CLEAN UP THE WORLD’ and, CLEAN UP THE UPLAND’ (pick rubbish from neighborhood). We gather discarded batteries every year too. Younger students plant out trees near the school (ornamental bushes). We often learn about environment’s problem in Biology lessons. Students from Kromolow like fresh air and clear environment.
by Piotrek
ZS Gimnazjum i SP nr 13, Zawiercie, Poland

Our school is friendly for environment. We cut down old trees and plant new ones. Several days ago our school planted a few trees in the school grounds . We also take part in the action called 'Cleaning Up The World every year. Thanks to this we can help our planet.
by Michal
ZS G i SP nr 13, Zawiercie, Poland