Christmas market, Oberhausenchristmas_market_3.jpg
We decorate Christmas trees at our school. There is
a big one in the corridor and smaller ones in the classrooms.
All the classrooms are beautifully decorated
with baubles, ribbons, angels, Christmas cards and
decorations. Students belonging to one class have a
class meeting with their teacher. They share a wafer,
tell wishes to one another and then sing carols. They
also have a mela. They eat a traditional Polish dish or
just taste some cake. There is a special performance at
our school gym every year. Students present Christmas
traditions, tell poems and sing carols.The atmosphere
in the last day before the Christmas break is special.
Christmas gifts, European Christmas Eve, Zawierciewigilia_europejska_-_specjalne_upominki_siwtaeczne.jpg
Xmas in Maribor, Slovenia

There is a tradition that we decorate our classrooms and on the last day before holidays the winning classroom is chosen. Unfortunately our class hasn't won yet. Some classes even prepare a programme inspired by a Christmas
spirit for the jury. Here's a photo of a deco- rated classroom. We also have a game in our class and the game is called The Secret Friend. Each gets a name of a school friend and has to surprise him or her with small tokens of appreciation.
selling sweetsselling_sweets.jpg

in England on the

last day of term we always have
just 4 lessons in the morning and
then the reports are given out. School
finishes at 1pm instead of 3.40.
In the last week we sing Christmas
carols in assembly instead of the usual
hymn. Pupils start giving out
Christmas cards and some lucky
Christmas tree with Santa Claus and competitionsP1000089zmijejszone.JPG
Spanish Christmas tradition

is the decorations, like
the street Christmas lights
and, of course, the Nativity
Scenes. A Nativity Scene is a
depiction of the birth of Jesus,
generally with small figures. It
depicts at least the Child Jesus
in the crib, the Virgin Mary
and St. Joseph, but there are
also a lot of other figures,
such as shepherds, sheeps,
villagers, the Three Wise Men
on camels, etc. Spanish children
do not address their letters to
Santa Claus, but to the Three
Wise Men. On January 5, big
parades are organized in
which the Three Men participate
in person, even though
they have a lot of work to do
that night.
decorating Christmas tree, EnglandEngland.JPG

On December, 6th the partner school has got a special day of „Open Door“

Before Christmas a lot of events take place in the school. There is a joint exhibition of Christmas decoratons and traditions. Students visit the Christmas Market in Oberhausen

There is a special Crib in the Cathedral of Cologne. Christmas Decorations
Advent Wreath are landmarks of German Christmas time.