The history of England and Tenerife

THE HISTORY OF " LOS GUANCHES": the ancient inhabitants of Canary Islands

The most important historical event, which I’ll remember forever, took place on 2nd April 2005. I hope that each of us remembers that evening. That’s the date of death of our pope John Paul II. We know that he’s old, and has got a lot of illnesses. But we wanted him to live forever- what’s rather impossible.
The hour and the date of his death became a historical event for us. Even though, we’ve got a new pope Benedykt XVI that’s not same as „our” pope was.
Michal, ZS Gimnazjum i SP nr 13, Zawiercie, Poland

In my opinion the most important event in the history is the First World War,
because at that time Poland regained independence. We had to wait for independence for 123 years. For 20 years the country was rebuilt.
But on 1st September in 1939 the Second World War exploded and Poland again had to fight for freedom.
The war was very brutal and ended in 1945.
I think that these wars were important not only for Poland but for all Europe and World.
by Jakub, ZS Gimnazjum i SP nr 13, Zawiercie, Poland

An important day in Polish history is the 1st September 1939. We commemorate the German attack against Poland every year and the start of World War Two. For my country it was a very difficult time, because we didn’t have enough arms, soldiers or tanks. Poles defended through all of September. At the moment, we call this time 'September Campaign'. The most important battles were: Westerplatte, Wizna, Bzura, Mokra and the defence of Warsaw. This event shows courage and the power of the Polish soldiers and citizens. I am proud of my Polish heritage.
At present a lot of people from Poland and the Czech Republic are going to Western Europe (Great Britain, Italy, Sweden) to work. They often give up studies and start working in a British pub or they take care of older people. They do it for the money, because salaries in Poland aren’t very high and young people would like to improve their English. In my opinion paid migration isn’t a good phenomenon and our government has to stop this.

by Klaudia
Zespol Szkol Gimnazjum i SP nr 13

One of the most important actual events in the European Union is the entrance of two new countries: Bulgaria and Romania. They will become members of EU with full rights in January, 2007.
The two attractive and promising countries ( Bulgaria with population of 8 million and Romania - 22 million ) seem to turn the investment centre of Europe.
They are characterized by the rising economic growth and together with their well educated employees they will surely profit in capital sense from the very beginning of entrance.
I think that Poland can also take advantage from that. Modern and more opened enterprises have already been in the South or are just going there. Analysts predict boom in almost every part of life, so entering those markets is worth considering for Poland as well as for other EU countries.

Historical happening, which is the most important for me

The most important happening is theWorld War II. I think so, because a lot of people died in the battles or in concentration camps, like in Oświęcim. Everything was done by Hitler and people, who didn’t like Jews and Poles. It is simillar to terrorism now. People hate people, because they are Jews or Islamites.

Lately happening, which is the most important for me

Lately, the most important and sad happening was death of John Paul II. He was a wonderful person, he helped other people and was... normal. He fought with terrorism and was the idol of thousands of young people all over the world. Poles are so sad, because Pope was Polish. He was born in Wadowice, near Cracow. He died in 2005 year