It is located in Taco. San Matías. The neighbourhood is divided into Santa Cruz and La Laguna towns, students come from both towna, however the highschool belongs to La Laguna Town Council. The highschool is next to Saint Luis Gonzaga school.
There are over 206 students, from the 1st to the 4th course of Secondary School (ESO). Their ages are from 12 to 17. Some students are emigrants from South America, Africa and China.
Their families belong to low and middle social classes, they are workers: small businessmen , bricklayers, , mechanics, taxi-drivers, cleaners, etc and some are unemployed so our task is to compensate their social, economical and cultural weaknesses with grants, etc. and intigrate them into our European Society.

The The highschool was a Primary School before. The building was very old so it was demolished to build a new Highschool of Secondary Education istead. There are 12 classrooms, plus 6 specific ones, among the latter are technology classrooms, drawing, music, computers and laboratory, two sports facilities: a Sports covered pavilion and basketball courts, seminars, a staff room, an administration, a library and a canteen.
The total budget for the Project was over 4,067,611 euros.
The new building stands on a plot of 7.012 square meters, of which 2.354 have been built.
Apart from all the modern facilities , the new building is the removal of architectural barriers for the disabled, has been achieved with the construction of the installation of ramps and elevators.
The Project was drawn up by architects Juan González, Felix Perera and Urbano Yanes. They won an important Achitecture prize for this building.
The Opening Ceremony:
The Highschool was inaugurated in 2004 by The Mayor of La Laguna town: Ana Oramas on the left, Mr. Adan Martín: The President of the Canary Parlamient, Mr. Miguel Ruano, The Counselor of the Ministry of Education and Universities of Canary Islands Government and Mrs. Natalia Mª Fajardo González, our Headmistres. She has been our headmistress from 2.003 to 2.007 and goes on from 2.008 to 2.012.