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Polish Music is very cool
(disco polo)

Poland is a very musical country. Although we like all types of we love DISCO POLO.
We have many singers and bands. Our famous singers and bands are Boys, Focus, Akcent and more. We like Disco Polo because is very funny music and it is a cheap music. Anyone can make a disco polo record. We like to listen to disco polo because it is a very lively music. I have liked disco polo since I was a kid. Disco polo came back several years ago. I have always liked disco polo!

In the world there are a lot of types of music but many people love pop music. Pop is a very entertaining music. Polish make pop records and we like listening to this sort of music. In Poland there are many pop singers. They inspired the English bands. Famous Polish pop bands are: “Feel”, “Łzy” and “Video”. I like pop music.

Feel – our favourite group
Our favourite group is Feel. It started in Katowice in may 2005. Its first name was Q2, next Q3, later Kupicha band and at the end Feel. Members of this group are: Piotr Kupicha, Lukasz Kozuch, Michal Nowak, Michal Opalinski and Pawel Pawlowski. During the Sopot festival in 2007 this group was competing with Emmanuel Moire, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Monrose, he Cloud Room, Thierry Amiel. In September they received amber nightingale and nightingale of audience.
The first Album of Feel appeared in 2007. The song titled 'jest juz ciemno' was very popular in Poland and everybody sing this hit.
For the first time we heard this band when we were watching music on TV. We were surprised and amazed.
In 2008 the group received 4 nominations for 'Frideric' - the Polish music award.
We like this band, because it gives us good and positive energy when we have a sad or bad days.
Walczyk Katarzyna, Ola Nowak

It listens to many persons music, but everyone likes a different kind music.
It is very important for we music.
We have much favourite groups.There is one of they gropus "Feel".
Feel it polish group set up in Katowicach in may 2005 under name Q2,and but next changed on Kupicha Band. 26 October showed debutants album group "Feel".
Current warehouse corporate :
Piotr Kupicha-vocals,guitar
Łukasz Kożuch-keyboard
Michał Nowak-bass guitar
Michał Opaliński-percussion
The biggest hits of this team are songs: 'There is darkly already 'and 'As angel of voice'
There is next our favorite group is One Republic.There is foreign group.
One Republic is an American rock band formed in Colorado. After a few years of moderate success, they have drawn mainstream attention with the release of their single "Apologize"
Current warehouse corporate :
Ryan Tedder – vocals, guitar, bass guitar, piano, glockenspiel, drums
Zach Filkins – guitar, vocals
Drew Brown – Guitar, bass guitar, glockenspiel
Our favorite group it also Myslovitz.
Myslovitz found become in 1992 in Mysłowice over Artura Rojka , Wojciecha Powagę and Jacka Kuderskiego eating Wojciecha kuderskiego. Group has taken name from family city of musician Mysłowic.
Guitarist and vocalist Artur Rojek become group under name "The Freshmen". In 1994 they have signed contrach and they have recorded first album. Such songs have recorded between Rother:
„For you” and „Land of love”

MP3 players are very popular among teenagers in Poland. The most popular makes of MP3 players are Creative and Sony, because they are cheap and the sound quality is good. These MP3 players are suitable for us because we are able to afford them based on our earnings. The most popular MP3 player is the Creative Zen X-Fi 16/32GB Wireless LAN. Usually teenagers use their MP3 player on the way to and from school. I too, have an MP3 player. My friend has got a Sony MP3 player that has 512MB of memory and she has had it for 3 years. It has lasted well during this time!
Bartek Wilk, Przemek Matusiak
Morandi - Romanian duet by popular in romania of composer create dance and producer
I can interother group accent Mariusa and frontmana and vocalist of andreas (Tefasa Ropocea Randi) Name of formation is connection of nickname of member Moga (Mo) + Rapcea ( Randi).

Duet was appointed in 2005 year for in category fairest romanian executive europeru MTV Music Awards, however, title has received group Voltaj.
Year later, within the confines of same award, group become in categories laureate fairest song [Beijo] and fairest video clip [Falling Asleep].


Reverse (2005)
- Mind Fields (2006)
- N3XT (2007)
- Love Me (2005)
- Beijo (2005)
- Falling Asleep (2006)
- Oh La La (2006)
- A La Lujeba (2006)
- Angels (Love is the Answer) (2007)
- Save Me (2008)
- Afrika (2008)

My favorite band is called: "Trzeci Wymiar". They consist of: Szad, Nullo and Dj Shn.
They are based in Walbrzych in Wroclaw. Their best song is "Inni niż wszyscy" & "Dostosowany".
I started listening to them at the age of 10. From then onwards, I loved them! In Poland, the most popular genres of music are: Heavy Metal, Disco Polo, Hip-Hop, Trance, Techno & pop. The genre Disco Polo first appeared in 1980 . Poland's best disco polo band is: Maxel, Boys & Toples.

Sara Grajdek

My favorite band is called "Trzeci Wymiar". They consist of: Szad, Nullo, Dj Shn. They are Walbrzych in Wroclaw. Their best songs are called "Inni niż wszyscy" and "Dostosowany". I discovered them when I was 10 years old-I've loved them ever since.
In Poland the most popular music genres are: Heavy Metal, Disco Polo, Hip-Hop, Trance,
Techno & pop. A larger part of the audience Disco Polo because appeared
in 1980 years. Polands best disco polo teams are: Maxel, Boys & Toples.
This type ofmusic gets played at school discos. It disappeared from the charts because it went out of fashion when hip hopbecame popular When I was
see program on which by two hours fly disco polo. Disco polo is my favourite type of polish music.

Some popular songs in Poland



Jest już ciemno




Jesteś szalona

Szymon Wydra & Carpe Diem

Z każdym twym oddechem


Kiebyś ty


Do nieba

Blue Cafe



Prawy do lewego




Source of information:
What Is Hip Hop?

Hip Hop is an art form that includes DJing, emceeing/rapping, breakdancing and grafitti art.
These art forms as we know them today originated in the South Bronx section of New York
City around the mid 1970s. Hip Hop has thrived within the subculture of Black and Puerto
Rican communities in New York and is now just recently beginning to enjoy widespread
exposure. From a sociological perspective, Hip Hop has been one of the main contributing
factors that helped curtail gang violence due to the fact that many adults found it
preferrable to channel their anger and aggressions into these art forms which eventually
became the ultimate expression of one's self


Rapping as we know it today, saying rhymes to the beat of music was originally called
emceeing. It draws its roots from the Jamaican art form known as toasting. Artist like
James Brown, The Last Poets and Gil Scott Heron along with old 'dozens' rhymes and jail
house jargon passed down through the years and made popular by Black activist H.Rap Brown
have helped influence rap to its present form. Rap has surfaced and resurfaced under
different names down through the years within Black communities of this country.

Break dance

Break dancing, a colorful and acrobatic style of dance which includes headspins, backspins
and flairs. No one knows for sure who was New York's first break dancer, but a group of
youngsters known B-Boys' and original members of an organization called Zulu Nation
certainly made it popular.Around the same time break dancing begain hitting the streets of
New York, within the Black communities of California a style of dance known as Pop-Locking
which includes strutting, moonwalking, waving and angular robot-like contortions of the
body also began to take form. Movies such as 'Beat Street' and 'Breaking' have help shed
light on this new type of dance.
Jakub Wudarczyk


Canary Students’s points of view about Music

Most of our Canary students like Reggeaton Music:
Don Omar
, el Pentágono, Wisin % Yandel, Noriega,etc

Hector Hernández Torres.

“I think that my Favorite music is Reggaeton because the rhythm is cool, it is easy to dance in pair or alone,I like this music from Caribe or Puerto Rico. My favourite band is Wisin y Yandel, because they are the best.

Alejandro González Yanes

“ I far as I’m concerned Reggaeton music is my favorite one, because I like the lyrics. My favourite band is Wisin y Yandel. They are the best of this genre and their lyrics make me dance a lot”. Melania “ Speaking personally my favorite music is: Reggaeton and my favorite band is Wisin & Yandel. Their music makes me feel crazy.

Tamara Perdomo Pérez

“I hold the opinion that I’m very fond of Reggaeton and Salsa because of their rhythm and they are easy to dance. My favorite band is Winsin and Yandel because I like their style”. Jessica Ramos Díaz “I have no doubt that my favorite singer is: Merche, because her music is romantic and peaceful, it makes me feel happy”. “My favourite band is: Andy and Lucas, their songs are also quiet and romantic with lyrics about love”.

Estefanía Palmero Ravelo

My favourite music is: Rakim y Ken Y- Dime

and my favourite band is: “La Oreja de Van Gogh” (Vang Gogh Ear).

Jeimy Joan Morán Cámara.

“I assume that Reggaton is my favorite music is the rhythm is cool that my group is 50 cents. My mother doens’t think so, for her the music is rude and noisy, she tells me it sounds like fart sounds,but I don’t agree with her”

Tatiana Fajardo Rodríguez

“ I hold the view that my favorite music is: Reggaeton and Salsa, because the rhythm is catchy and easy to dance as you like, my favourite band is: El Canto del Loco because I love his music.

“I love reggaeton! I listen to it at the gym and it's good to motivate you to do things, and to dance too. Listening to the lyrics has helped me a bit with my fluency (I think) because it helps hearing things in context. I like learning all the slang in the songs”.

As I am Cuban, my favorite music is a little Hip-hop, Salsa, Reggaeton, Rock, Merengue etc. .. the lyrics are are full of erotiism.

“ My own feeling on the subject is that A Lo Cubano was excellent. I loved the combination of hip-hop with traditional afro-cuban percussion”.

“Reggaeton. I have just one CD, 'Barrio Fino' (including the essential 'Gasolina') by Daddy Yankee. This CD is great when I'm in the mood for it, a fantastic adrenalin rush. I can't admit to hearing a lot of reggaeton apart from this”
“My favourite band is ORISHAS that makes me crazy”.