Zawiercie – the Polish city is located in the northern part of the Silesian district .It is situated in the central part of the Cracow-Czestochowa Upland – the area of green hills, limestone rocks, ruins of castles and fortresses. The landscape is beautiful here. It is the land of our schooI foot or bicycle tours, weekend resting of families as well as summer camps and campings. The oldest district of Zawiercie is Kromolow- the town where there is our school.
A little bit history:
In 1509. - the school was founded by a local pastor
In 1804 .- priest Rudzki (then pastor), with the help of citizens of Kromolow, built a larger brick school.
In 1919. - Wladyslaw Furgalski kept a chronicle of the school events.

After Poland regained its independence, the school building was in a very bad condition. Despite the bad condition, the youth wanted to get knowledge. Young people took care of the school building and clasrooms on their own.
1924.- a school library was settled

1937.- the school received a new building
1941 - April1942 - classes at the school were suspended
4th September 1945 - a new school year in a free country
22nd July 1951- there was given a new educational institution which still exists
Our school is called Zespol Szkol because it consists of kindergarten, Primary School and a Junior High School. Its number is 13. It is a lucky number for us. 381 pupils go to our school this year and the staff consists of 38 teachers.

Michał Jurczyk
Mateusz Czernek