Polish film – 'Polish history in 10 minutes'
To get a wider knowledge about Polish history, the British, German, Spanish and Slovenian students watched the Polish film. The projection of the film was followed by a discussion,

Polish history in 10 minutes

Projection of German film

Baltic Storm (Der Untergang der Estonia)




The story:

The „Estonia" ,a Baltic Sea ferry, sank on 28 September 1994.
It was the heaviest misfortune since 1945. 852 persons lost their life.
The reason of the disaster is still unclear.

Content of the movie:

The lady journalist Julia Reuter investigated the smuggling of arms in the former Soviet Union and one trace was the ship “Estonia”.She “unfortunately” missed the “Estonia” in Tallinin harbor on September 1994.
The dramatic circumstances of the ship sinking made her curious.
Sinking of the ship and smuggling of arms – was there a connection?
Together with the survivor Erik Westermark, Reuter started her investigations again. Soon they were involved in secret service investigations and come into highest danger.

Baltic storm is fictitious but it is an exciting thriller and try to give an answer to the unsolved case of the “Estonia”. The movie based on the material of the journalist Jutta Rabe.
Languages: German and English

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