The music scene in Slovenia

Music means a lot to us all and so there are numerous musical events at our school throughout the year. There are concerts of our school band, various performances of rock, pop and classical music, we also have a choir. The most important event that includes music is undoubtedly Primafest.

Primafest is an event that is yearly organised by First Gymnasium Maribor. It offers many interesting festivities such as concerts, drama plays, artistic performances, lectures and so on.
Dijaška skupnost (Pupils community), who organises this event, contacts and invites many famous people within their field of expertise for example last year they invited a very famous Slovenian musician Vlado Kreslin and they also gave an opportunity to the school band.
Every year Primafest attracts many pupils, not just from Prva gimnazija Maribor but also from other schools.

A lot of students at Prva gimnazija play an instrument and some are even successful with their bands. Lovro is from our class and this is the group in which he plays in:


We are a rock band from Maribor (Slovenia). Our beginnings go back to 2004, when Matej Đurkin (drums) and Filip Vadnu (guitar) first had the idea for a band. Filip Fras has joined them with the bass guitar and Lan Weingerl with the keyboard. Our first performance was at primary school Slava Klavora. After that, things got really interesting. After a while Maja Keuc came in with her great vocal. That gave us extra support and motivation and we have done a lot of good performances. A year ago Lan Weingerl left the band and we replaced him with Lovro Mažgon. We started to make our own music and we also have recorded some singles. We are trying to create our own sound and we are not confining ourselves on a strict way of rock. We get impressions from old school rockers like ACDC, Deep purple, Guns’n’Roses, U2, Tina Turner, The Clash, The Beatles (In Slovene the word “Hrošči” means “Beatles”. That’s how we got our name) and a lots of others. To sum up, rock is in our veins! ROCK ON!

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The students at our school mostly listen to rock or metal and Slovenia has a lot to offer. One of the best rock bands in Slovenia is Dan D or English D day.


Dan d is a Slovene rock band. They come from Novo mesto. Dan D was formed in 1996. The first band members were: Tomislav Jovanović (Tokac) – vocal, dušan Obradinovič (Obra) – drums, Marko Turka (Tučo) – guitar, Primož Špelko –bass guitar and Aleš Bartelj (Bart) – solo guitar. They all had long musical careers before they started playing together. They got their name, from the way they appear on live concerts. After first two albums »Igra« (The Play) and »Ko hodiš nad oblaki« (When you walk above the clouds) Borut and Špelko left the band, so that time they stopped playing for a while. Later 2 new band members joined; Andrej Zupanič (bass guitar) and Boštjan Grubar (keyboards). They recorded new a album called »Katere barve je tvoj dan?« (What coulur is your day?). Their music is full of life and lyrics are almost poetry.

Here is a video of the song called Voda ( The Water):

Killswitch Engage (often abbreviated as KsE or Killswitch) is a metalcore band from Westfield, Massachusetts. Formed following the disbandment of the bands Overcast and Aftershock, Killswitch Engage's lineup consists of vocalist Howard Jones, bassist Mike D'Antonio, guitarists Joel Stroetzel and Adam Dutkiewicz, and drummer Justin Foley. Signed to Roadrunner Records, Killswitch Engage has released four studio albums and one DVD.
Killswitch Engage rose to fame with its 2004 release The End of Heartache, which peaked at number 21 on the Billboard 200, and was certified gold in December 2007 for over 500,000 shipments in the United States. The title track, "The End of Heartache", was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2005, and a live DVD titled (Set This) World Ablaze was released in 2005. Killswitch Engage attended Reading and Leeds Festivals, Ozzfest, Download Festival, the Warped Tour, and Rock on the Range, and continued touring until May of 2008 in support of their As Daylight Dies album.
The band is considered one of the most influential members of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal.
On the concert
The 9th of August 2008 was a great day for the hardcore metal scene in Slovenia as such a great band as Killswitch Engage had come to Maribor. There were two opening acts, As I Lay Dying (USA) and Dweal (SLO). A ticket on the day of the concert cost 26 EUR.
The Concert started at 7p.m. with Dweal. The next band who shook up Štuk was the famous band As I Lay Dying. The final event started at 9p.m. with the loud and brutal arrival of Killswitch Engage. Štuk was immeadiatley filled to the last corner. The temperature rose instantly as KsE went crazy on stage. The crowd was headbanging, jumping, dancing all over the place. In opposition to limited time that bands have on stage, KsE had to come back on stage three times to play one more song. At the end they were almost forced to stop playing or else they would have to pay a fine.
After the concert the crowd ran outside for some fresh air. At Mc Pekarna, the official afterparty took place. This concert was really a bright spot in Slovenian scene of concerting. I would wish many more bands like KsE would come to Slovenia, especially to Maribor.

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The concert in Maribor:

The radio is still a media which attracts a lot of people, especially now with the chance to listen to the radio on your computer, TV or your handy.

RADIO STATIONS IN MARIBOR Radio_City.jpg radio-center.jpg

In Maribor there are two very popular radio stations. One is called RADIO CITY, and the other RADIO CENTER. They both celebrate their establishment birthdays in style. Radio City organizes every year in May a big celebration event in the open. Almost everyone who lives in the city goes there and has fun, listens to the concert they prepare and of course have a couple of drinks. Radio Center also prepares a celebration party in the city. When they party, the city centre is full at night like in a rush hour. That does not happen in Maribor very often. However I prefer the Radio City party. On our radios there are many cash and material prizes to be won in games and quizzes. For example they call a random number, and if it is you, you have to say a sentence which they thought of for example »Radio Center the best music mix in Slovenia« and then you get some money. In recent years that has become a bit boring. But what annoys most is all the commercials they play. There are really too many commercials.
They also inform us about the weather and traffic. They provide us with daily news and some interesting news from the newspapers.
I prefer Radio City because they have very funny morning program and I love to listen them when I wake up. I like the radio presenter. I wish you could speak Slovenian to hear that. Apart from the celebrations and games they both play very good music. It is something for everyone throughout the day. All in all I think you would be happy with our radio stations.

THE LENT FESTIVAL lent_festival.jpg

Can you imagine anything more pleasant than listening to a concert under the starry summer sky? Do you feel excited about a classical concert in a 400 year old synagogue? What about some jazz rhythms? Maybe a performance on the floating stage on the river Drava will attract your attention. Why don’t you just take a nice walk along the streets of Maribor?

All this and a lot more makes up Festival Lent, changing the banks of the river Drava into a lively cultural and sociable centre, beating with all kinds of rhythms.

We believe that this year's festival will ,for the fifteenth time, attract a lot of visitors, especially because of its top-quality program.

A variety of more than 400 performances and half a million of visitors make “Festival Lent” one of the biggest festivals in Europe, moreover it is also known across the pond in America. This multicultural festival that has its origin in the folklore festival “Folkart” has received several awards, among them 40 awards from The International Festival and Events Association (IFEA).

As we presented what interests us and what we enjoy listening to it is only fair to present our national heritage as well.

I am going to present you our folk music in Slovenia. Slovenia is famous for its ethnical music groups which still use old instruments and they usually sing about something that happened in the past. Some of the well known groups are Antorino, Vruja but there are many others.
The most popular instruments are the accordion and autoharp. One of the most famous Slovenian folk music artists is brother Avsenik. Before them no one has tried to work with folk music in a way to make it more audible for broader audience. We could say they have invented modern folk music . Their lycris talk about situations in the history or everyday life and the music/melody was taken from national melody which is transferred from generation to generation. If we mix these two things together we get modern folk music which is usually played in an accompaniment with accordion. This new style has spread around Slovenia and abroad, and now almost everybody has heard about brother Avsenik in central Europe.


A Toast (Slovene: Zdravljica) is a poem by our greatest poet France Prešeren. It was written in 1844 and has been Slovenia's national anthem since September 27, 1989. The most famous is its 7th stanza, for which Stanko Premrl composed a choral composition with the same name. Only the text of the 7th stanza comprises the anthem of Slovenia. In form, the poem is a carmen figuratum because the shape of each stanza resembles a wine cup.


Live, oh live all nations,
Who long and work for that bright day,
When o'er earth's habitations,
No war, no strife shall hold its sway;
Who long to see,
That all men free,
No more shall foes, but neighbours be.