SPRING DAY FOR EUROPE 2009 On 1st April 2009 in Zespol Szkol Gimnazjum i SP nr 13 in Zawiercie The Spring Day for Europe 2009 was organized. The show was organized by English, Music and P.E teachers. At the beginning there was a short introduction in English and Polish about the Sprng Day for Europe 2009 campaign and the Year Of Creativity and Innovation. Then, the students showed their vocal skills in the European Song Contest. The performers sang songs in different languages. Jury chose the winners. Damian Stypa who sang in English the song 'Fairytale Gone Bad' received the 1st prize; the 2nd prize was received by two students – Karina Wencel and Damian Latko who sang in Polish and the 3rd prize went to Szymon Zak who also sang a Polish song. During breaks between the songs, the students of the Junior High School gave a show of three dances: cha cha, samba and rock and roll. Next, the students of the class 5 presented a cabaret called 'Survey' and made the public laugh. At the end, there was organized a competition 'What melody is it?' in whcih the participants guessed the titles of known melodies. The winners received special diplomas and prizes.