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The first results - **pdf file of 9 graphs**

Spain had many more responses than the other countries. In the comments below we have taken this into account. For greater detail, the same number of responses per country is needed.

  • The English are the most likely to walk out of a film before its finished.
  • The cinema is very popular in Spain, whereas the English prefer sporting events (all boys school) and the Germans and the Polish prefer socialising.
  • The Germans are nearest their cinema, followed by the English.
  • The Spanish love their popcorn. Nachos are a quite popular second choice for Germany and Poland.
  • The English love comedy along with the Polish. The English avoid romantic films (all boys). Whereas Germany prefers Action films.
  • The English are more annoyed by the price of refreshments and adverts than anything else.
  • The Spanish are more influenced by recommendations than by what film is showing. The Germans are the most film-conscious.
  • The English are the most likely out of the four countries to visit the cinema with their family. The Germans are most likely to go with friends and the Polish are the most likely to go with their partner.
  • The Polish go to the cinema the least frequently, whereas Germany goes the most often.

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Spanish Cinema.
A list of Spanish films that we recommend

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